Miele Caplans Culinary Institute

We know appliances are a significant investment and we want you to be 100% confident with your decision. Visit our Miele Gallery and our showroom to put Miele appliances to the test. While you are here, join us for a cooking or product demonstration and try the appliances yourself before making your decision. We will make sure you and your new Miele appliances are a perfect match.


The latest in cooking technology. Miele Generation 6000 induction cooktops use magnetic fields to determine the size of the pots and only heat the surface area under each pot – making induction cooktops extremely safe and efficient. These induction cooktops come with a power boost option that heat up your pots and pans immediately, saving you time and energy. Learn more about Miele induction cooktops by signing up for one of the demonstrations below.


Leaving nothing to be desired with the Miele Combination Steam-Convection Oven. Steam, surround, broil, bake, roast, you name it – Miele Generation 6000 Combination Steam-Convection Oven can do it. The advancements in technology ensure even and consistent heating and temperature. Learn more about the Miele Combination Steam-Convection Ovens at one of our demonstrations below or if you prefer, simply book a private demonstration.

Speed Cooking

Get rid of your microwave for good. The Miele Generation 6000 speed ovens are essentially two ovens in one. Conventional oven options like roasting and baking are available with the added ability to defrost, reheat, cook and more. Operate the modes separately or combined for faster cooking results without compromising taste. Learn more about the state-of-the-art technology in speed ovens by signing up below.

Limit one class per customer per month. Miele Gallery Caplan’s reserves the right to cancel reservations for events and/or classes for individuals who have already purchased Miele appliances from other retailers.