Miele Gallery Caplans Culinary Institute

Try before you Fry!

Most people try on pairs of shoes or test-drive a car before they buy. Why should your appliances be any different?

At Miele Gallery Caplan’s we want you to feel confident about the appliances you choose, which is why we invite you to sign up for a complimentary product demonstration session in our live kitchen. You will learn the in’s and out’s of the latest in Miele appliances from our chefs to help you determine which appliances will be right for your family.

Take a moment and browse through the below events and decide what event is right for you. Registering to events could not be easier. Simply click on the event in the calendar below to which you would like to register or contact us at (416) 762-2110.
Limit one class per customer per month. Miele Gallery Caplan’s reserves the right to cancel reservations for events and/or classes for individuals who have already purchased Miele appliances from other retailers.